Help Rescue Gliders in Need

The Cochran Clan Sugar Glider rescue is a 501c3 rescue established in 2018. We cover NC, SC, VA, and Eastern TN. Our focus is rehabilitation and taming unhandled gliders to make them into great pets. We have a strong passion for gliders and the education of them. We have an educational website that everyone is welcome to look through, Cochranclansgr.com. We can only keep doing this with your generosity and support. Thank you for helping us save these wonderful animals.
*** Editors Note : this rescue is in need of both bonding and sleeping pouches. If you would like to donate to them in this way please contact  Mike Cochran or an admin. We will get you an address to send to :)


Sugar Glider Depot does not endorse or approve any diet, vendor, breeder or veterinarian. If your glider is seriously hurt or sick, get it to a Vet. No guarantee that any advice or information will help or cure your glider.